Winter Wedding in Orvieto historic town - Italy
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Location          Orvieto - Umbria
Reception   up to 50
Sleeps   Large choice of B&B, Hotels and Villas
Town Hall   YES - Walking distance
Church   YES - Walking distance
Restaurants   YES - Walking distance
Dance room   YES
Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto
Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto Wedding in Orvieto >
Having a winter wedding in Italy? ...well, we have the perfect place for you ... "Orvieto" in Umbria, the green central Region of Italy. Everything in this picturesque town is within walking distance and has everything at your disposal regarding what kind of wedding you would like, whether it be a religious or civil wedding.

In winter, Orvieto echoes culture and traditional Italian lifestyle and envelopes everything with its wonderful warm historical buildings where you can enjoy and relax without the hustle and bustle of the summer tourism. You also have an economical advantage regarding accommodation and prices in general. During yours and your guests stay here, there are plenty unique cozy little restaurants to choose from and many wine bars/coffee shops to visit where you can enjoy a meal or glass of wine.

Last but not least you can reach Orvieto by train from Rome airports without having to rent a car and your guests will find plenty of bars, restaurants, shops as well as historical and cultural attractions with which to enjoy themselves during their stay.


In Orvieto one can choose between having a civil wedding or a religious wedding. If you choose your civil wedding in Italy it can be held in the several rooms at where is allowed to change your rings and sign the wedding register. The Town Hall is located in a magnificent old palazzo in the centre of Orvieto but you can choose also other gorgeous place up to 150 people.

The ceremony is held in large frescoed rooms which has a very special atmosphere. If you choose to have a religious wedding then there is a large range of churches. An idyllic place for the groom and guests to gather before the service.

The reception after your wedding in Italy ceremony is the time to enjoy your special day with your family and guests and is also one of the most important moments of your wedding. This venue is characteristically one of the best of Orvieto as it is in one of the Etruscan caves, that in the middle ages was restored and used as a factory where rope for mooring the ships was manufactured by hand, because in those times the famous river Tiber, which starts its descent in Emilia Romagna, then Tuscany, then Umbria and finally Lazio used to pass through the outskirts of Orvieto, therefore there was plenty fluvial traffic in this area.

The venue was completely restored some years ago by the present owners, who kept the interior architectural features maintaining the originality of handmade crafts, therefore all the arches that dress the interior are all hand cut and carved and the atmosphere in this venue is absolutely unique. The pasta used is handmade and proudly done in front of you. There are different spaces to choose from in this restaurant to enjoy your welcome cocktail drink, your main meal and the area to have your party.

It is a perfect place in winter time as it is all indoors and offers you different opportunities spreading the different steps of your reception party in different areas, but all with their own interesting characteristics. This venue is situated in the oldest part of Orvieto and is within walking distance from both the Church, Commune Town Hall, Theatre and Undergound caves.

Italyprestige has a range of wedding services to offer and assist you with its wedding planners living and working in Orvieto. It helps you to find out the proper solution for all your requets and to satisfy all your desires for the most important day of your life.

Italyprestige and its professional wedding planners can offer you unique proposals since they perfectly know each corner with its secrets and all its little treasures of the town of Orvieto. Vendors are generally all situated in the historic town, they are all easy to reach walking so we can give you a quick professional response talking and not only phoning with them. We manage every aspect of the wedding you could dream of, so you can relax and trust because we will work for you as a man on the ground.

Our suppliers cover a variety of budgets and we can work with you to recommend the most appropriate supplier to your needs.

  • Venues selection and logistic
  • Legal advice
  • Budget planning
  • Celebrant
  • Transportation
  • Guests accommodation
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Decor
  • Photographers
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Security
  • Event Photography and Videography
  • Rentals
  • Music
  • Private plane
  • Favours
  • Dress Designers
  • Group tours
  • Food and wine
  • Delivery and pickup

    One of the strengths of holding your wedding celebration in Orvieto is the wealth of choice for accommodation. Usually there are worries about guests’ budgets, rooming lists, transport from their accommodation to the town hall or church, then to the reception venue and then back after the party. If you have your wedding in Orvieto these problems are non existent. All the accommodation, the town hall, church and reception venue are within walking distance of one another. The choice of B&Bs and hotels allow your guests to find something to suit their needs from luxury to budget accommodation. Plus, in the surrounding countryside there are many beautiful villas to rent for those who would like to extend their stay.

    Another good reason for holding your wedding in Orvieto is you need have no worries about renting a car or using buses when you land at Rome airport as you can do your entire journey by train or we can arrange transport for your party. From Rome central station there are several trains a day that take you directly to Orvieto in only 55 minutes and from just outside Orvieto station you can catch a funicular that takes you up to the historic centre of town.

    Facilities and Activities in the town

    Internet Points
    Historical palaces
    The cathedral
    St. Patrick Well
    Wine tasting
    Cooking classes
    Typical Food Shops
    Guided tours of underground Orvieto
    Railway Station
    Elegant gala performances
    Landscapes of the "Orvieto Hillsides "
    Tennis court
    Rent a car

    Orvieto is centrally located on the Italian peninsula in the region of Umbria. Because of its situation there are many fascinating towns and cities that are all within easy reach either by rail or by motorway. A few suggestions could include:

    Orvieto - On site
    Todi - 38 Kms
    Perugia – 78 Kms
    Assisi – 90 Kms
    Spoleto – 103 Kms

    Siena – 120 Km
    Florence – 90 minutes by train
    Arezzo – 108 Kms
    Montepulciano – 68 Kms
    Montalcino – 88 Kms
    Pienza – 79 Kms

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