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1. What type of service can a company like yourselves offer a couple who wish to get married?

First of all, we've over 10 years experience in making suits for weddings so we're very qualified to guide and advise a couple when choosing their wedding suit. Our approach is pretty relaxed and we're open minding so if we have a client who wants something a bit different, be it colour or style, we'll always do our best to accommodate that. Why not, it's their wedding day after all!

2. What type of suit attire do you recommend for the year 2011?

The single breasted, one button suit with a peak lapel and a slim trouser cut, in a Lora Piana 9oz Super 130's wool. You just can't go wrong with that, it's very elegant.

3. Are there any specific colours that you recommend, in particular .. the matching of the tie?

I don't recommend matching the tie with the suit actually. The tie should be neutral so that the suit shows all the colour and details, not the accessories. Our hot colours this season so far have been vibrant blues. In fact, one of my clients ordered a bright purple suit and it looked amazing.

4. What role does the Best Man have in the choice of the suits for the wedding day?

Well the Groom calls all the shots really! The Best Man is meant to complement the Groom so at most, he's just assisting the Groom in choosing his suit.

5. When you have clients that will be having a destination wedding, do you notice a difference in the choice of the colours and the textiles?

Yes most have lightweight cloths and light summery colours, as most have a hot climate destination wedding, usually a relaxed beach vibe.

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6. Do you offer a hiring service to your clients or do you deal with sales only?

No we don't offer hire. We believe a Groom should want to own and keep his wedding suit, so we always encourage that.

What recommendation from the heart do you have for your clients to be the 'Star' of the day at their wedding?

Make sure your suit is the sharpest suit on the day, with the best cut, and your Groomsmen aren't wearing the same colour. Also, make sure the suit is complemented with crisp new shoes and shirt, and you've 'groomed' yourself with a new haircut. Feeling good alone will make you feel like a star.

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