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Castle Tower TuscanyWedding in Italy
Real weddingsWedding in Italy

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weddings italy


In a breathtaking Medieval Castle adjacent to an ancient Tuscan town set up on a hilltop, a couple, after 22 years of engagement were awaiting their long awaited wedding in Italy day. Themselves, with their respective families had rented this awesome, luxurious seven bed-roomed Castle on three storeys with a high tower exceeding the top, opening up a breathtaking view of the rolling Tuscan countryside for the entire week. The week that would leave a beautiful unforgettable memory printed in their minds for the most important day of their lives.... their wedding!

The Bride was in her room getting the final touches done to her, already wearing her beautiful long satin, beaded bodice dress with her long blonde hair left loose on her shoulders and a glittery hair-band across her head, absolutely and simply beautiful. Her little daughter of two years, a pretty blonde, blue eyed girl dressed in a taffeta ,tulle blue dress and very proud of her role in this wedding in Italy with Mom and Dad being the King and Queen of the beautiful Castle and her, the little princess.

The Bride-to-be's sister in law, a professional wedding photographer was busy taking shots of the preparation. Everything was ready to go and the bride was admiring the floral bouquet with her chosen flowers, roses, peonies and tulips that the florist had just delivered, whilst her little girl had already taken the basket with the rose petals that she was going to carry.

weddings italy

The Groom-to-be, handsomely dressed with the rest of the guests were chit-chatting in the elegant entrance hall and when the timing was right they all left to make their way to the Commune Town hall, leaving the Father of the Bride on his own to await the arrival of his daughter down the glamorous staircase. After a few minutes the Bride and her daughter descended the staircase. The Bride's father stood at the bottom, admiring every step they made and filling the silence of the room into emotion.

The Bride and her father, now arm in arm, walked into the green, well kept gardens of the Castle for some pictures before they made their way down the steep steps adjacent to the antique amphitheatre, through an underground tunnel beautifully lit, which led them into the town and just a few metres from the Commune Town Hall where the wedding celebration in Tuscany was held.

weddings italy

The Groom handsomely dressed and eager to meet the eyes of his long awaited bride, was awaiting with patience in the beautifully frescoed Town Hall, together with both of the families and friends. The music commenced and this was it!!! ... the long awaited moment had arrived and the emotions of everyone after a 22 year engagement filled the room with happiness.

After the wedding ceremony, we all went together to the main piazza to join in a Prosecco wine toast to Mr. and Mrs. Thereafter it was all good food, wine and lots of partying at their private reception party in this breathtaking wedding Castle in Tuscany.

weddings italy

weddings italy

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