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1. Tell me about yourself.

I'm a polish wedding and event photographer living on the French Riviera.

I used to work as a model in the past and find that I'm incorporating the fashion elements more and more with my brides.

I'm always searching for the perfect moment, the perfect light and the best perspective and I enjoy every moment of my work very much!!

2. Have you photographed weddings in Italy?

No, I've never had the pleasure to photograph any wedding in Italy, but I will do it with pleasure once the opportunity arrives!

3. What would excite you most of all if you took shots of a wedding in Italy?

I think we all have this vision of the sunny Mediterranean country that connects both roman architecture and beautiful natural landscapes, not to forget handsome Italians and splendid wedding venues, so I think all of this would be exciting for me!

4. Which are the important aspects of a wedding that you like highlighting?

All wedding aspects are equally important: preparations, ceremony, photos of the couple, evening party but I've got my personal preference towards the photo shoot of the couple. I like to highlight the beauty of the bride and the groom in a fashionable and yet spontaneous way.

5. Are there any different aspects that you have improved on after each service that you have done?

Each wedding is a unique experience and brings a little improvement to my photography. I think the biggest improvement I did was to be even more sociable, understanding towards the couple and to see things in an optical view so as to satisfy all the different desires of each couple. Sometimes the guests are creative as well and give me some photo-ideas that I may use during my next wedding reportage such as forming a group in a heart shape with a wedding couple in the middle of it.

6. Which errors have you noticed on behalf of the wedding couple that have had a negative influence on your photo-shoot service?

None, so far.

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