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Real weddingsWedding in Italy

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weddings italy


It was a bright sunny Thursday morning in February and the historical town of Orvieto was waking up to its usual bustling Thursday morning where the famous market in the towns' centre takes place every Thursday and Saturday of each week ever since the medieval times. In this town a winter wedding is a gorgeous way to live an intimate family wedding. Our Bride was relaxed and smiling when we went to pick her up to take her to the hairdressing salon, she has beautiful long, thick hair which had to be put in curlers and she had to calmly sit under the dryer for a while giving her the perfect chance to relax.

The Bride and Bridesmaid had a lot of chit chatting to catch up on whilst the hairdresser and make-up artist was busy at work. The Groom and best-man were calmly preparing themselves in their hotel rooms, whilst the final touches, with flowers and music were being made in the beautifully restored underground Etruscan cave restaurant, where the reception was to be held, when the last table decoration and name-seating place was in its place the wedding planner set off to the beautiful little church, one of the oldest in this town (built in the year 1000 ) a few blocks away to see to the final touches of the floral decoration and the violinists' setting in the church.

The Bride and Bridesmaid, beautifully made-up and hair styled are picked up from the hairdressing salon by the wedding planner's assistant and taken to their hotel, where the photographer continues clicking away at the last few shots of the Bride as she puts on her wedding attire, a beautiful long ivory chiffon dress and last but not least a spectacular pair of converse white sneakers (seems strange, but very original, comfortable and elegant), in fact, the photographer couldn't stop taking shoots.

The time was drawing near and all the Bridal's party was ready, whilst the Groom's party and the guests were all waiting at the quaint little church situated at a walking distance from the hotel. We departed the hotel and walked through the ancient small cobbled paths, which created a romantic atmosphere and a beautiful picture-framed background of the medieval stone houses for the Bride and her father as they descended to the church. We had arrived, the guests and Groom were all seated inside and the Bride eagerly awaited to hear the violinist play Wagner - Marcia nuziale, which gave her the go-ahead to walk down the aisle and transform her long awaited dream-day into reality. The whole ceremony with all its unforgettable real emotions and love had gifted the newly-wed couple for all their lives.

The Ceremony ended with Mendelssohns' music accompanying their exit. Photos were taken outside the church and then the guests left the couple with their photographers, enabling them to enjoy their intimate photographs without an audience.

The Guests arrived at the unique restaurant setting, always in the medieval town, but this time in an Etruscan underground cave. part of one of the main attractions in Orvieto, where a welcome cocktail, aperitifs buffet was awaiting them in a part of the restaurant. All enjoy whilst they awaited the Bride and Groom and when they arrived they were welcomed with a big applause and a first toast as Mr & Mrs. After a while everyone moved on, checked the neatly decorated Table-plan board to see where they were seated for their sit-down dinner and entered the other part of the restaurant to see a beautifully laid and decorated Imperial seated table with a flower decorated table in the middle.

Everyone was overwhelmed that they could all participate with each other and the Newly-weds without having their backs to one another. The delicious five course meal and Italian white and red wine was served and enjoyed. Of course all the guests also enjoyed their beer, as the Bride and Groom, carefully, knowing their guests' tastes put 3 beer coupons at each of the place-settings as a wedding favour for them.

weddings italy

After the dinner and a delicious tris of desserts, the toastings and speeches, a large fruits-of-the-forests wedding cake was served in-front of the newlyweds for the traditional cutting of the wedding cake, which was followed by a big applause from the guests. The cake was taken away, cut and served to everyone at a later stage of the evening by the restaurant owners. The bride and Groom were then in a real party mood and left the table with the guests following them, down some stairs to another part of the restaurant for their first dance, the party continued from then on and everyone joined in the feast and celebrated until early hours of the morn the unforgettable wedding of Aileen & Terence.

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