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When it comes to choosing a professional photographer, whom you can trust to capture at its best your special day so that you have a permanent and clear memory through your photo album and video is a difficult, time consuming task that requires a considerable amount of patience.

We work with professional photographers, enabling you to eliminate this task. Our wedding photographers have been selected on the basis of their art in creating unique pictures and noble sentiments in one shot. Their work and ability composes a storybook of your wedding day entirely through images, which is able to transmit the amazing joy of that day not only to the Bride and Groom, but also to the guests present and even to those that were not there on that day.

We have checked their skills and always make sure that he/she is able to express the styles and tones that the Bride and Groom have requested, maintaining their discretion enough to know how to do their job without making you aware of their presence. They cover the whole wedding day, from the getting ready of the Bride and Groom to the cutting of the cake and the reception party, therefore covering all the aspects of your unforgettable day.

We share samples of photo albums, demo DVD's with you then select and book the photographer that is most suited for your wedding and your preferences. Thereafter we agree all the aspects of the photographing and video service with the photographer and coordinate the photographer's activies with specific places and times.

Once the final composition is done we verify the photo and video material prepared before sending it to you.

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