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WEDDING CHOCOLATE MAKING - Shocolaate - Diana Pace and Cristina Vives

1. Tell me about yourself. When did you start this job.

Shocolaate was started a little over one year ago. Cristy went to culinary school and afterward took her first job at Mar-a-Lago with the esteemed pastry team. Shortly there after, she decided to start her own brand, Shocolaate. I see to the day-to-day operations and packaging.

2. What type of service can your Company offer a couple who is about to get married?

Shocolaate offers hand-made one-of-a-kind artisan truffles, OREOS and pretzels. Popular wedding trends for Shocolaate include truffle collections as wedding party gifts. The boxes are beautifully decorated and offer a cache to any meal place setting!

Some brides incorporate Shocolaate into a candy bar. The fusion of chocolate and rich flavors are a big hit at weddings. Our artisan pretzels and OREOS are VERY popular with brides, grooms, bridal parties and guests!

3. What ingredients do you use?

We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients available. We have traveled the world for inspiration and have fused that inspiration with chocolate to bring you the most unique tasting experiences.

4. What are the wedding cake trends for the year 2012?

(We are a chocolate company and only produce artisan truffles, OREOS and pretzels). Wedding cake trends have transitioned from traditional to the extreme. Cake design trends are becoming more personalized.

Couples are fusing personal traits, interests and tastes to influence their wedding cake designs and flavor. The design behind the cake usually commands conversation. When a couple creates a cake design based on personal interests, guests will always remember the cake as a main focus of the celebration!

5. What, in your opinion should the wedding couple avoid when choosing their cake and decor?

When choosing their wedding cake and decor, a couple should keep their original vision a focus. It is too easy to become distracted with all the creative options. Always keep in mind the amount of money you have to spend and look for the best options within that budget.

6. What do you suggest for wedding favours?

Shocolaate offers beautiful options for wedding favors. One of our more popular options is the four-box truffle topping a place setting! When the guest sits down at the table, they are greeted with a beautifully decorated box. They know the box is for them and them alone!

7. Are there any particular colours, both for the product as for the packaging that one should avoid for next year and instead which do you suggest?

We suggest brides stay with colors that flow with their original core color scheme. Abstract, complementary colors may be used as finishing touches to make the whole color story POP! Color sets a mood visually when you walk into the reception area. Height of color can also make the over-all visual presentation an incredible experience!

8. Are there any aspects that you have improved service after service?

We are constantly challenging ourselves to create innovative tastes and unique packaging experiences. Our Holiday Collection reflects a changing seasonal element for Shocolaate. We comb the world looking for our next great inspiration!

9. Could you give a suggestion from your heart for your couple to be wed?

Share love! Share love with each other. Share love with your families. Share love with your guests! Share with each other what you love most, what inspires you and what brings out the best in you!

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