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Engaged? Wedding in Italy
Wedding musicWedding in Italy

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Italy is famous for its beautiful catholic churches so there are many churches to choose from, you can decide on a large well known cathedral or a small ancient frescoed chapel or church with a beauty that will remain in yours and your guests memory always.

You will have no trouble finding a church that will suit you for your wedding ceremony and we will be happy to help you and suggest the best choice for your wishes.

A religious marriage does not require a civil ceremony in the public town hall as the Catholic priest has the authority to register the marriage with the civil registrar.

All preparations should be made through the church, both parties must be confirmed and baptized and attend a church pre-marital course. Both parties must be legally-free to get married.


Italy is famous for its beautiful historical town halls. Usually the town hall of each town is the most beautiful, well furnished building with priceless antique furniture and some of them have beautifully frescoed walls. Whichever town you choose to celebrate your wedding in Italy, you'll have the main town hall with its unique splendor to host you and your guests.

A civil wedding is celebrated by the public official of the Italian Civil State and can be celebrated in one of the beautiful venues in a historical town or in the Town Hall with it's beautiful antique furnishings.

The ceremony can be personalized by the couple using music/songs of their choice, readings and exchanging personal vows of love to each other. We will be happy to help you choose the best venue to suit your wishes.


Your Protestant wedding ceremony can by celebrated in English and can be held in one of the beautiful gardens of the wide variety of restructured country houses to choose from with gorgeous views of the Umbrian green valleys and the historical towns set on the hill tops or in a historical building venue of your choice. We will be pleased to assist you in your decision in realizing your dream wedding ceremony.


Your symbolic ceremony can be tailor-made to your imagination and can be celebrated in whichever venue you dream of. Amidst an Olive grove or a vineyard on a hilltop overlooking the green valleys, in an Etruscan underground cave or besides a beautiful swimming-pool in one of the wide variety of the restructured country guesthouses in the area. Whatever your request is, we will be happy to suggest the perfect venue to tailor-make your symbolic wedding ceremony.

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