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DIY wedding decorations - DIY wedding decorations © Thinkstock In order to economise on your wedding budget, or maybe just because you love arts and craft, why not do the decorations for your wedding yourself? From little p... [more...]

Sponsor Shoutout: The Wedding Handbag - Today, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our sponsor, The Wedding Handbag. Your wedding day should be everything you ever dreamed of, but getting there takes a lot of planning, collabor... [more...]

5 Tips for Kicking Off Your Wedding Planning on the Right Foot - photo credit: Paul Pod You're Engaged! Now What? You can't stop smiling. In fact, your face muscles are sore you've been smiling so much. You wanna shout it from the roof tops: I'm getting married!... [more...]

How to Organise the Seating Plan at Your Wedding - First and foremost the table plan should be organised so that each table represents a group of people who will get along well and enjoy themselves. Usually this means seating people who know each... [more...]

Perfume Tray Pretties - I love having little vignettes set up in various corners/tabletops/shelves around the house. It's such fun for the eyes to fall upon a little story nestled into a nook or cranny of the home - part... [more...]

Wedding Day Desserts - Mini Tarts from früute! - yüum! Today I have something beautiful AND delicious to share. früute is a little gem of a dessert shop, located in West Hollywood. Their one-of-a-kind, handmade tiny tarts are like edible jewels... [more...]

Final updates and my last post - If you're new to Eng-lish Wed-ding, you may want to sub-scribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I can't believe this is my last post, it seems like a week or so ago when I found out I was going... [more...]

Wrap up a Winter Wedding - 3 Feb BBrrr as the temperature drops, if you are getting married in the next month or two, you're probably worrying about how to stay warm, but not look like you're about to ski down the black run... [more...]

Sweet Patterned Fabric Wedding Inspiration - A little style inspiration today! I'm head over heels for all of the charming, sweet prints that are being used for everything from invitations to personal accessories to decor. I love the idea of... [more...]

Vintage Wedding Color Palettes We Love - Wedding Colors - - Bronze + Forest Green + Black Good for: Vintage winter weddings Tips for pulling it off: Winter colors can be more than just red and green. Try this grown-up version with rich bronze, deep forest g... [more...]

Guestbook Store - Nowadays, wedding guestbooks can be anything you want them to be, ranging from guestbook trees to vintage typewriters to photo booths ~ there's something for every taste and style of wedding. For b... [more...]

Wedding Dress of the Week: Anne Barge Devereaux - This Anne Barge couture bridal gown is called Devereaux. This designer wedding gown features a feminine strapless neckline and fitted bodice, which gives a sexy, yet elegant feeling and look to th... [more...]

Pretty Gorgeous Bridal Garters - Pretty Gorgeous have just launched a new range of 100% hand-made bespoke bridal garters. They are made to order according to the brides specifications, such as the colour scheme and detailed touche... [more...]

Ayesha Akhtar Latest Wedding Makeover Shoot 2012 - Mariam's Bridal Salon is a very famous and well known beauty salon and she has earned from her client's trust and loyalty. Mariam's Bridal Salon has personally understood the importance of looking... [more...]

New to weddingspot and deciding on invites! - New to weddingspot and deciding on invites! Sent by: Lauretta the 03 February 12 at 15:00 Hi I am new here and currently looking at some wedding invitations. I found one I really like, the thing is... [more...]

Think red carpet style when it comes to romantic tresses - Feb 13 2012 By Sally Mclean WITH Valentine's Day tomorrow and the Oscars imminent, it's the perfect time to be inspired by what's hot, or not, for gorgeous hair. According to Jason Miller, interna... [more...]

Flowerless wedding photo shoot full of creative details - Here is proof that a wedding without flowers is not without character...This adorable, flowerless photo shoot is the result of a crafty collaboration between some of California's finest wedding vendo... [more...]

The Unusual Style of Hello Kitty Wedding Dresses - Posted in: Wedding Dresses by Alyx | February 9th 2012 | no comments Asian people have developed almost a cult for Hello Kitty feline character and it seems that lately this cult has become very po... [more...]

{Beautiful from the Back} Bridal Style - Oh my goodness. I love this one! My personal fave in the bunch...The uniqueness of this gown is awesome.Just enough sexiness to keep this gown elegant and fabulous...Design details like these rem ... [more...]

Tina Gaudoin on Style: A Guide for the Modern Bride - When Raf Simons sent a traditional bride down the runway at the end of his autumn/winter 2012 collection for Jil Sander, the audience could have been forgiven for thinking that the outfit was less ... [more...]

Trending Colors for Spring 2012 - If you're planning a wedding, you know one of the most difficult choices (besides finding the perfect dress of course), is finding the perfect color palette to use. Color sets the mood for the e ... [more...]

Wedding Reception Centerpiece: DIY Wine Bottle Arrangements, Bridesmaid Planning, Gifts and Resources.... - Wedding Reception Centerpiece: DIY Wine Bottle Arrangements. By Carey Gordon. In: DIY Wedding. With: 0 Comments Wedding reception centerpieces made from wine bottles is ... [more...]

OMFG, THESE SHOES. They're called "I Do" for a reason. Because "I" want "to do" them.... - Happy late Monday afternoon (on.. dun dun dunnn.. Bachelor night), bubelahs! Ok now listen, and listen real good like. There are times. Tiiiiiiimes, when a person has simply GOT to share something ... [more...]'s Wedding Guide - Historically speaking, the month of June is considered the start of wedding season and, with it, comes the attendant planning for the newly engaged-or, in some cases, dreaming for hopeful brides-to... [more...]

Wedding Hair Trends for 2012 - Wondering what the top wedding hairstyles will be for brides and bridesmaids this year? (Hint: think pretty and romantic.) Get the scoop on the latest 2012 wedding hair trends. Braids are extremely... [more...]

Winter Wedding Makeup - Here in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend and although the calendar said October it certainly didn't feel like October outside! As I've mentioned before long weekends and weddings go h... [more...]

DIY Wedding Wednesday - How to make your own Bridal Tiara! - Here are some great tutorials to aid you in creating your own beautiful tiara for your wedding day! A beautiful tiara can be the final touch to your wedding day hair style. Check out these great gu...[more...]

How to Save on Your Honeymoon: Flying on a Budget - If you're planning a honeymoon abroad, chances are the airfare is eating up a good portion of your budget. The experts at Vayama (an online travel agency specializing in international travel) have ... [more...]

Miss W's blog: W-Day MY way - Written by Miss W on January 20, 2012 Let me start by saying that's not my beautiful wedding dress you see hanging in the window there. Let's not get overexcited here. Gorgeous yes, mine no. You se... [more...]

Tips: Top 10 Flowers for Wedding Bouquets - My fiance' and I are just about to start exploring all of the color options out there and attempt to decide on a color palette for our wedding next year. And as I've come to discover so far, with t... [more...]

10 Great Wedding Kisses - At her English country wedding, Kate Moss blew us away in an ethereal rhinestone-studded dress, but it was her sweet embrace with Jamie Hince that really made us swoon! Nothing seals those vows lik... [more...]

Fall Wedding Makeup Trends with Bridal Beauty Associates - This afternoon I have some wedding makeup trends and advice for the brides-to-be for fall and winter weddings! Suzanne Minksey, owner & Makeup Artist extraordinaire,... [more...]

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