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weddings italy


Orvieto is one of the most beautiful historical architectural towns in Italy. Well known for its beautiful magical Duomo Cathedral, being the highlight of this quaint little town that sits on a tuft rock surrounded by green valleys and hills.

Its narrow cobbled roads that intertwine throughout the town will surprise you and your guests with all its hidden secrets and wonderful people.

Perfectly romantic and perfectly ideal for a dream wedding in Italy.

Choosing to get married on a Tuesday, gives you an absolute advantage, not only will you be exclusive on choosing THIS day to get married, but you will get absolute exclusivity for you and your party - up to 60 people at a beautiful wedding venue which has a large outdoor space (very unusual for a small town), where you can enjoy your wedding reception indoors or outdoors.

The venue is situated in the oldest part of the town and is very close to a beautiful Church, if you choose a religious wedding, or the beautiful Commune town hall, if you choose a Civil wedding.

weddings italy

Last but not least... Getting married on a Tuesday saves you plenty of money on your wedding budget and your guests can all be accommodated at the same hotel or at hotels/bed&breakfasts that are all within walking distance. Being a mid-week hotel booking.

This will also save money for your guests on their chosen accommodation.. and your whole wedding party can enjoy a beautiful wedding holiday with you, without worrying about getting taxis, busses, trains for the whole period that they are here. Orvieto has plentiful Bars, Pubs, restaurants, shops and all that you need within walking distance.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is that Orvieto is halfway between Rome and Florence and is easy to get here or leave from here by train, either to visit other Italian cities or to arrive from the main airports in Rome as there is a train that travels from Rome to Orvieto nearly every two hours. Contact us for further details and let us make your dream come true.

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weddings italy

weddings italy

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